do you want your boat to shine?

Instant Shine has been specially formulated to bring out the maximum shine and richness from all of your vehicles surfaces. Instant Shine contains no wax or harsh solvents making it safe for all painted surfaces, plastics and trim providing protection from damaging UV rays and acid rain.  Instant Shine was designed to be the final product used when detailing your vehicle. Instant Shine may be used with wax and other polishes to enhance and bring out their ultimate shine potential!  You may also use Instant Shine as a complete substitute for your current waxes and polishes.   Any way you choose to use it, Instant Shine will provide protection to the surfaces you care for the most extending their life to keep your vehicle looking richer and deeper longer!

easy application

Spray Instant Shine on the surface you are coating.  With a clean micro-fiber towel, buff Instant Shine into the surface.  When the product disappears, use a second micro-fiber towel to go over the area you just buffed. 

As with anything, the more coats you put on, the better life out of the product!

Marine Uses:


All hull topside paints




Use it on your car

Instant Shine is safe for use on all painted surfaces and makes them look better longer and protecting from acid rain, road salts, and UV rays.  No more white streaks on the plastic trim!  Spray it on!  It makes weather beaten plastic look great again! 

Use it in your house!

Instant Shine is great for stainless steel, varnished wood, granite, marble and many other surfaces!  Just don't use it on your floor!