Self-powered, wireless wind instrument and data logger. The Calypso Cups 4.0 is completely wireless. Operating with solar power (with battery that allows for 2,000 hours of operation without the sun) Calypso Cups 4.0 delivers information via bluetooth to its app on an Andriod or iOS device. 

This is a perfect product for any sailboat, sail racing coach boat, or powerboat. 

Mounting options

Calypso NMEA connect

For users who want the data created by Calypso CUPS 4.0 available on their NMEA compatible products, Calypso Instruments has launched NMEA CONNECT. NMEA CONNECT allows the Calypso CUPS 4.0 data to be made into NMEA 0183 readable data all while still having the convenience of having the Calypso CUPS 4.0 data on the app.